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Blake Barrel and Rifle

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Expected release date is Oct 3rd 2024

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The Eminence (PREORDER)  

**3-6 month current wait time for shipment**

Free shipping within the USA, international shipping will be billed separately.

$500 deposit required to get your order in queue or payment in full at
the time of purchase.

$100 additional charge for dual port actions.

With option to include BixNAndy Competition Benchrest Trigger for $396 (10% Discount).

The Eminence was designed and is manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona USA by Blake Barrel and Rifle, a registered class 7 FFL manufacture.

Eminence, the meaning: A position of great distinction or superiority. 


Your Order Includes: 

· Eminence Action and Bolt in Desired Configuration 

· Standard Modular Control Head 

· Support Tools 

· Weatherproof Carrying Case 

· Bolt Grease 

· Anti-Seize


· 8.125” long, 1.365” wide, 2 lbs 03 oz. 

· 3.25” long loading/ejection port to allow most F Class cartridges to be ejected without removing the bolt, even with the bullet still in the case.

· Offered in right or left bolt configurations with either left, or right load and or ejection configurations

· Comes standard with fluted bolt and bolt shroud

· Integral 20 MOA rail that is built to correct 1913 picatinny mil spec 

· Integral recoil lug that is on the front of the action 

· 1.062-18 tenon that is .935” long with a headspace of 1.074” +.001”, -.000. (Same as the Paragon action.)

· Billet bolt body with no welded or soldered on bolt handle. The billet bolt handle threads into the billet bolt body for ultimate strength.

· Mini M16 style extractor 

· Action body and bolt body material is aircraft grade, 17-4 PH hardened 42-44 RC billet stainless steel  

The Eminence action is the only action available that features all the noted features into one action:

  1. Micrometer adjustable trigger handoff timing adjustments down to the .001” with no need to remove the trigger and or hanger to make adjustments to fit any Remington 700 trigger. Has .040” total adjustment with .250” firing pin fall that is adjusted to be right in the middle of that, so you can go from .230”-.270” firing pin fall.
  2. The barrel tenon index is identical between any Eminence action ever produced to allow barrels to be chambered by a competent gunsmith just going off the tenon print and never actually needing to have the action in their hands.
  3. Barrel tenon size guaranteed to be within .0015” on pitch diameter.
  4. Integral 20 MOA rail and integral 1/4” thick recoil lug.
  5. Loading port long enough to eject a loaded round that is 3.25” OAL or shorter.
  6. Interchangeable bolt control head to swap between magnum and standard size cartridges.
  7. Billet machined extraction cam and integral bolt handle register, no silver soldering of bolt handles. This also allows the user to swap between different lengths and shapes of bolt handles and bolt knobs as they desire.
  8. Cross pin elimination. Our firing pin fire control systems has eliminated any component that can move over time with the retention of the firing pin to the cocking piece.  Other actions either use a cross pin of a dowel pin or a roll pin that can “walk” out over time and make contact with the bolt shroud causing all sorts of ignition consistency issues.  Other manufactures use a set screw on top of a threaded firing pin and that set screw and threaded firing pin can move as well.  Our fully encapsulated snap ring design is designed to take hundreds of thousands of cycles with never a chance of movement relation from the cocking piece to the firing pin.
  9. M16 style extractor that features a set screw below the extractor to adjust extractor height without ever having to remove the extractor to do so.
  10. A hardened replaceable bushing that is pressed into the bolt shroud and guides the firing pin. This bushing allows the hardened firing pin to be guided by the hardened bushing and never wear out or create friction between the firing pin and bolt shroud.  All other manufactures have the firing pin ride directly onto the bolt shroud material.
  11. ½-40 threads for the bolt shroud to the bolt to allow only .006” spring compression during opening of the bolt. The amount of surface area that the two mating parts have is far more than any other manufacture to reduce wear over time.
  12. The materials used in the Eminence action are the strongest available. 17-4 components that are hardened to 40-42 RC include the receiver, the bolt, the bolt handle, the bolt stop, the extractor, the cocking piece, and the bolt control head.  These parts with this hardness and material have an ultimate tensile strength of over 190,000 PSI.  Other manufactures are using a non-aircraft grade of stainless at a tensile of only 150,000 PSI.  I don’t know about you, but when it comes to high pressure components being fired right next to my face, I would want the highest strength possible!
  13. All Eminence action receivers and bolts are nitride treated to allow over 60 RC surface hardness and reduce friction as to not allow the components to gall and reduce wear over time.
  14. Full EDM bolt raceways and bolt bore as well as the bolt release, and bolt control head for the utmost precision machining available.
  15. Roller cocking piece that features a hardened roller on a hardened roller pin to allow ease of cocking on bolt opening.
  16. Billet in-house manufacturing of 4340 material firing pins from billet to allow for the highest strength, hardness, and fatigue resistance possible.


You will find NO other manufacturers that incorporate this many features into one action and many of the other manufacturers do not have even a couple of these features.  We believe to have built the ultimate competition action and these are all features that are important to accuracy, reliability and safety of the shooter.


Eminence Action Print