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7FCP Full Length Resizing Die


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FCLASSPRODUCTS 7FCP Full Length Resizing Die

Available in .306NK, .307NK, .310NK, or bushing die.

If you purchase the No Turn neck reamer (.320NK .260FB) then you will need the .310NK Full Length Resizing Die.

If you purchase the turned neck reamer (.314NK .260FB) you will need the corresponding die depending on the neck wall thickness you plan to turn your brass to as shown below:

  • .306NK Full Length Resizing Die is for people turning their neck wall thickness to .012"
  • .307NK Full Length resizing Die is for people turning their neck wall thickness to .0125"  

Introducing our custom-built billet steel full-length resizing dies – engineered for advanced precision and superior durability. Our full-length resizing dies are made from high-grade billet stainless steel and feature custom reamers for precision neck diameters and are honed with a mandrel for exact size and concentricity. This advanced production process is also followed by salt bath hardening and melonite coating for extreme hardness and durability. Our full-length resizing dies have been tested for more than 30,000 cases, with consistent results that exceed expectations. Additionally, our dies feature 9/16-18 threads on the top for a standard decapping rod assembly, 7/8-14 OD threads, along with a lock ring to ensure perfect integration with your loading press. Get the superior quality, performance, and reliability you expect when reloading.


Offered in both the option to include the decapping rod assembly or without.

The decapping rod assembly includes:

Decapping rod, threaded die cap, and lock nut.


We offer bushing dies but prefer non bushing dies because bushings do not guarantee neck to body concentricity. Our non bushing dies neck and body are dead concentric to ensure the best loaded round consistency possible.

We offer a lifetime guarantee for manufacturer defects on all dies.