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The IDOD & Autodod - Advanced Case Neck Turning

The IDOD & Autodod - Advanced Case Neck Turning

Mar 14th 2024

The IDOD & Autodod - Advanced Case Neck Turning

Patent Pending

Case neck thickness congruency is unmatched when compared to any other case neck turning system! 

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What is the IDOD, what does it do?

The IDOD name means, ID and OD meaning it cuts the Inner Diameter and the Outer Diameter of the case neck. When you cut both the inside and outside in one operation, this eliminates any "donut" that wants to naturally form with conventional mandrel type turning systems that have been out for years. It also ensures there is little to no case neck thickness variation that you would see with just cutting the outside of the neck, no specific mandrel size expander prior to turning, and no case lube needed as there is no friction of the conventional mandrel type turning. When you cut necks on a mandrel type turning lathe, you fight the balance of having too much clearance from the neck and the turning mandrel and having the case "wobble" on the mandrel and not give a consistent cut. You also can have issues where you don't have enough clearance and your case is too tight on the mandrel and creates heat and friction to where you can't achieve a consistent neck thickness all the way around. You also have to use lubrication when turning this method, but with our IDOD, you do not need any lube.

What is the AUTODOD, what does it do?

The Autodod is a CNC version of our IDOD, that removes the human element out of the feed rates for perfectly cut brass every time. The customer will set up their AUTODOD the same way as they do the IDOD, but once the machine has been set you will only need to load your brass and press the start button. No more controlling your feed rates cutting in and out of your brass manually, with CNC automation you'll be able to achieve consistently cut brass every time. Watch the video below for an introduction to setting up and using the Autodod: 

Pricing and Availability
Our standard wait time for the IDOD and AUTODOD is 3-6 weeks, we run them in batches and sometimes they are finished sooner than the expected wait time. If this is the case we will contact you sooner to let you know your machine will be shipping out early. The price for the IDOD is $2099.99 + shipping, the AUTODOD is $2649.99 + shipping. This includes one case holder of your choice, one shoulder angle cutter, and all accessories required to operate the machine.

Full Inside and Outside Neck Clean Up

The IDOD and AUTODOD is designed for customers looking to get full clean up of the inside and outside of their brass for consistency in their loading and accuracy on the range. To achieve full clean up on your brass the neck and body run out need to be less than the amount you are removing from your brass. This machine is perfect for customers who are turning high quality brass such as Lapua, Norma, Peterson, or Alpha with minimal amounts of run out in the neck to body of the case. For example, a customer originally starting with .0145" neck wall thickness before turning and less than .002" thou neck to body run out, then turns their brass to .0125" will see full clean up around the case neck.

Reinforced Skeleton Shipping Crate

Our IDOD shipping crate ensures the safe arrival of your machine no matter what country your from! We have shipped the IDOD and AUTODOD safely to countries such as Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Germany, United Kingdom, and more. To ensure the safe arrival of all of our machines and your peace of mind we box all of our machines in our reinforces skeleton shipping crate.

Interchangeable Modular Cutter Block

The new interchangeable modular cutting block allows you to preset the neck thickness with your desired shoulder angle cutter and change out the cutter block head without changing the set neck thickness. For example: You can set up the modular cutter block assembly to cut 6.5x284 Lapua brass at 0.0125, then switch out the modular cutter block to one with a preset neck thickness of 0.013 with a 20 degree shoulder angle cutter for .308Win. This way all you have to do is align the new modular cutter block to be centered with the brass and you wont have to adjust the actual cutters to get the 0.013 neck wall thickness.

Ultra Box - Upgraded CNC Controller Box for the Autodod with Case Ejector System Upgrade

Introducing the Ultra Box Upgrade for the Autodod - the ultimate combination of convenience and efficiency! This innovative upgrade integrates the Case Ejector System and the Autodod 2.0 Control box into a single unit, with a new improved harness connector. Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free case neck turning in your reloading room with the Ultra Box Upgrade. All newly purchased Autodod units will automatically come with the Ultra Box installed but the Case Ejector System is an upgrade and can be purchased separately.

How it works - After setting up your desired neck wall thickness and inserting your case, press the start button and the machine will automatically rapid and feed into the case. Cutting the case neck until the touch sensor meets the case's shoulder, indicating the carriage to return to the home position. Once the carriage reaches the home position, the Case Ejector System will automatically activate and eject your case from the machine. Ready to start again!

Offered in two optionsUltra Box Upgrade

Ultra Box with Case Ejector System - This is for customers that are looking to upgrade their existing Autodod to the new Ultra Box  with the Case Ejector System included. 

Ultra Box without Case Ejector System - This is for customers that are looking to upgrade their existing Autodod to the new Ultra Box but are not interested in upgrading to the Case Ejector System at this time.

Customers that are interested in swapping out their 2.0 Autodod control box/harness and/or their manual Case Ejector System box should contact

If you are interested in purchasing the manual Case Ejector System for your existing IDOD without upgrading to the Autodod visit this link:  Case Ejector System