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The IDOD Case Turner


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Your IDOD is estimated to be complete in 3-6 weeks from your purchase date.
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The IDOD - Advanced Case Neck Turning

Patent Pending

Case neck thickness congruence is unmatched when compared to any other case neck turning system!

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What is the IDOD, what does it do?

The IDOD name means, ID and OD meaning it cuts the Inner Diameter and the Outer Diameter of the case neck. When you cut both the inside and outside in one operation, this eliminates any "donut" that wants to naturally form with conventional mandrel type turning systems that have been out for years. It also ensures there is little to no case neck thickness variation that you would see with just cutting the outside of the neck, no specific mandrel size expander prior to turning, and no case lube needed as there is no friction of the conventional mandrel type turning. When you cut necks on a mandrel type turning lathe, you fight the balance of having too much clearance from the neck and the turning mandrel and having the case "wobble" on the mandrel and not give a consistent cut. You also can have issues where you don't have enough clearance and your case is too tight on the mandrel and creates heat and friction to where you can't achieve a consistent neck thickness all the way around. You also have to use lubrication when turning this method, but with our IDOD, you do not need any lube.

Pricing and Availability
Our standard wait time for the IDOD is 3-6 weeks, we run them in batches and sometimes they are finished sooner than the expected wait time. If this is the case we will contact you sooner to let you know your machine will be shipping out early. The price for the IDOD is $2099.99 + shipping. This includes one case holder of your choice, one shoulder angle cutter, and all accessories required to operate the machine.

Case Holder Fitment and Full Inside/Outside Neck Clean Up

We recommend turning your brass in either the new or fired state with no further brass prep. In these states the neck to body run out is its most minimal. When brass is run through dies, expanded, or other forms of brass prep the neck can be unintentionally misaligned from the body of the brass.

You can turn your brass in any state of your choosing but the most important thing to keep in mind to achieve full clean up around the case neck is that the neck of the brass needs to be concentric with the body of the brass. This can be checked on a concentricity gauge.
How the brass is held in place by the case holder is by the taper of the case. A case holder for new brass is going to be based on the manufacturer's taper of the brass. All manufacturer's are similar but may vary some and can require separate case holders for different brands of brass. Fired brass changes the manufactured taper and forms to the inside of your chamber, this meaning that case holders must be made for your specific chamber and brass is required to be sent in for proper fitment. 
Your neck to body run out when checked on a concentricity gauge needs to be less than the amount you are cutting. (Ex. If your brass is checked on a concentricity gauge and your neck to body run out is .004” and you are only cutting off .002”, your brass necks will not have 100% clean up.)  
If you have .002" neck to body run out in your brass when checking it on a concentricity gauge, you would need to cut minimum .002" off to get 100% clean up. For example, when the 6.5 x .284 Lapua brass is expanded to 7mm and full length sized with a bushing less die to keep the neck to body concentric, it is approximately .014" - .0145" neck wall thickness before turning. When turning to .0125" or thinner we always get sufficient clean up.

Reinforced Skeleton Shipping Crate
Our Skeleton shipping crate ensures the safe arrival of your machine no matter what country you're from! We have shipped the IDOD and AUTODOD safely to countries such as Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Germany, United Kingdom, and more. To ensure the safe arrival of all of our machines and your peace of mind we box all of our machines in our reinforced skeleton shipping crate.


  • Your IDOD is estimated to be complete in 3-6 weeks from your purchase date. If your IDOD is ready before or expected to be delayed after 3-6 weeks we will contact you.
  • Please fill out the IDOD/AUTODOD Order Form for your machine to begin production as soon as possible. All AUTODOD orders require an IDOD/AUTODOD Order Form to be filled out before your order is in place. This is an online fillable form.
  • Please make sure to give an email address that you are easily reachable at so we can contact you after your purchase to collect further information to set your machine up to the cartridge and degree of angle cutter you would like with your machine. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours confirming your purchase. We will then collect further information from you on the details of your personalized machine including additional accessories you may want to purchase with your machine.
  • Shipping is based on your location and an invoice will be sent to you when your IDOD is ready to ship. Shipping is not included in the original purchase price. If the full invoice has not been paid within 6 months from the date we have contacted you that your order is ready for shipment, then your order will be cancelled and you will forfeit any money paid towards the invoice.
  • Your IDOD comes with one standard case holder and one shoulder angle cutter of your choice. The option to purchase additional case holders and shoulder angle cutters is available in our store separately. Please leave in the notes the cartridge you are turning, the brand of brass you plan on turning, and whether it is fired or unfired.
  • If you are not using a standard cartridge, We can custom CNC a case holder for your cartridge. You will need to send us a piece of your brass in the state you would like to turn it in.
  • The IDOD comes standardly with a 115V motor, but for out of country customers you can purchase the IDOD with the 230V motor and power cord with the corresponding outlet plug of your choice