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FCP Modular Expanding Die System


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Modular Expanding Mandrel System by FCP

Our system features a billet 416 Stainless 7/8-14 threaded expander body, coupled with a ER16 precision collet with a billet aluminum and hardened anodized collet nut with integral 3/4/19mm hexagon on the top for tightening and loosing the collet and expander pin.

Our pins are precision ground, hardened, black nitride, and polished gauge pins that are designed to last over a hundred thousand cycles of expanding.  The pins are ground to have a tangent leading edge so that the brass neck is guided with precision during the expanding process.

Our modular system lets you get as many body’s, nuts, and collets to have on hand any combination of expander sizes you might need.  All of our pins are laser engraved on the TOP of the pin so that you can see exactly what size pin is installed in the expander body system. 

We have used this system personally for years and now have brought it to market after much interest.