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7 FCP Click Adjust Die


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The fully billet 7 FCP click adjust die. These seating dies can work with the 7-6.5 PRC or the 7 FCP. The die features a .025" advancement per revolution compared to the Wilson .050" per revolution. We also have added "clicks" to it. The clicks make it very nice for clicking .001" increments and being solid on the adjustments. The clicks are very pronounced to where you really do not even need any lock screws.

Also you will notice that we have 2 lock screws per adjustment, 2 on the micrometer adjustment and 2 on the course setting of the seating stem adjustment on the top cap. They are nylon tipped screws to not damage your threads and with two screws per adjustment, you will never have to worry about one loosening up and messing up your seating depth half way through your loading process...

This die also features the ZERO stop , allowing you to set your zero once you find your lands and click adjust exactly the amount of seating depth you desire from there.The stem is our Berger Hybrid specific stem that is fully machined to match the profile of the 7mm Berger Hybrid Target. 

You can watch our Youtube Video below that goes into more detail on this product: